Woman Impresses Coaches With Sarah McLachlan Song On ‘The Voice Thailand’

Sarah McLachlan has written many poignant pieces of music over the course of her career, but very few are as beautiful as “Angel,” her tribute to Jonathan Melvoin, the late keyboardist for the Smashing Pumpkins. Melvoin died from a drug overdose. There have been some very talented people who have attempted this song, to varying degrees of success. The version we see in this video, though, I think is one of the best and would make McLachlan proud.

The video is from an episode of “The Voice: Thailand” that was filmed in 2013. It starts off with one woman singing a song – she seems to be purposely trying to look nebbish. The judges are impressed with her voice, with one of them even conducting along with her singing with a look of joy on his face. Once the song finishes, she moves to the back of the stage, and her challenger steps forward.

When the first strains of “Angel” started playing, and the challenger starts singing, I think I see her competitor’s face drop like “Uh-oh.” She does try to smile in encouragement, but she probably realizes that her chances of winning just took a severe hit. The challenger completes her rendition, which has all the judges mesmerized with its elegance, and her singing voice helped knock it out of the park.

Of course, as is the custom with all of these singing competition shows, the two of them have to stand side-by-side and listen as the judges begin explaining their thoughts on the two of them. I don’t speak a lick of Thai, but I get the gist that they all really like the challenger’s version of “Angel.”

I was amazed by this version of the song. Be sure to wait through it all to see this beautiful version of “Angel” and find out what the judges thought.

Woman Impresses Coaches With Sarah McLachlan Song On ‘The Voice Thailand\'