Epic Mashup With 31 Country Singers Is ‘Forever Country’

In celebration of “The 50th Annual CMA Awards,” in 2016, CMA created the biggest music video in Country Music history. Titled “Forever Country,” the single and accompanying music video features 30 CMA Award-winning acts.

Forever Country: Artists of Then, Now, and Forever is by far the most sensational country music video ever. Even Randy Travis makes an appearance, though sadly can’t sing. It is a flood of memories watching this video.

Everyone we have ever loved to listen to seems to be singing in this video. My favorites are the ‘oldies’ – Willie and Dolly, but Carrie Underwood (who was cleverly called the ‘Beyonce of Country’ by someone in the comment section) and Keith Urban and so many others are all fantastic.

This was an incredible video and well worth the watch – it is a bit long, but it has almost everyone in it! Blasts from the past and just sensational singing – this is a can’t miss!

Epic Mashup With 31 Country Singers Is \'Forever Country\'