Man dances to the song Canned Heat by Jamiroquai for 100 days

Man dances to the song Canned for 100 days

Youtuber Matt Bray recorded himself dancing to Jamiroquai’s Canned Heat for 100 days. Despite not being the best dancer out there, this video sure will have you in better moods after watching it.

Who knew that watching a time-lapse dance video might just be what you need when you’re having a bad day. Even better, with the catchy beats, it’s hard to sit still.

This young man had several fun things to do on his bucket list, and a hundred days of dancing was one thing ticked off after he compiled the video dancing to Jamiroquai’s canned heat.

Man dances to the song Canned for 100 days

Matt runs a youtube channel named ProjectOneLife, on which he posts fun things he does with his friends. At the end of the day, all that matters is that he had fun!

Not everyone can dance. And matt, he’s part of the lot that can’t dance. For all there is, he proved that you don’t need to know how to dance for you to have fun dancing.

In all his video uploads, 100 days of dance and 100 people of dance videos have gathered the most views. This video is the leading one with close to 8 million views.

We can’t deny, his fantastic editing skills make the videos even more enjoyable. He maintains a smooth transition, making it look like he could have filmed the dance in one day.

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