Maddie Wilson’s Original ‘Love Like Theirs’ Reminds Us How Much Relationships Mean

Maddie Wilson’s voice carries one through a journey of feelings, growth, and family togetherness with her official music video to the hit track ‘Love Like Theirs.’ This is an original song that all families need to see and hear, as our favorite songbird puts forth a performance that she confesses to being one of the most personal ever recorded.

Not even Maddie Wilson realized how much this song meant until the words left her. With a little help from the musical genius of this young star, we’re all brought a little closer to remembering, understanding &appreciating the value of true love. There may be no true way to describe the full feeling of love’s embrace, but this wonderful song sure does come close.

Once you hear Maddie Wilson sing ‘Love Like Theirs, ’ you’ll be head over heels all over again. Whether it’s with love for your family, children, friends, or your other half – these vocals &visuals will help you embrace what you have a little bit better. With singing &songwriting like this, the sky’s the limit for this young artist.