Luke Bryan’s ‘Build Me a Daddy’ pulls the heartstrings

Luke Bryan delivers a stirring performance about the relationships between dads and their children in his incredible song, ‘Build Me a Daddy.’

In a touching song that is destined to be a hit for fathers and children across the country, Luke Bryan sings the praises of dads everywhere in ‘Build Me a Daddy.’

The country music star strips back the musical arrangement and lets his lyrics shine through, delivering a powerful message about the importance of fathers.

Throughout the song, Bryan names important qualities that many great dads share. The song is told through the point of view of a young child, adding poignancy to the performance.

You can feel the emotion and energy coming out of Bryan in this stunning performance, and it will be a song that brings many people to tears.

For anyone who has loved or lost a father – even a father figure – Luke Bryan’s ‘Build Me a Daddy’ will speak to you in a profound way.

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Luke Bryan’s ‘Build Me a Daddy’ pulls the heartstrings