Loretta Lynn Calls On a Loved One to Stay In Her Hit Video ‘Ain’t No Time To Go’

Loretta Lynn is a country artist whose voice just seems to get better. Her song ‘Ain’t No Time To Go’ carries a touching message, calling on a loved one to remain alive for a little longer. With emotional footage straight from Loretta’s ranch and lyrics that touch home, this is a track that could easily bring a tear to your eye.

As a deeply personal track that communicates this country legends life experience and lessons, this is a song that not only blows us away with amazing composition but one that helps us get to know Loretta as well. From the moment that you hear her distinctive voice, you know that you’re listening to a singing legend overflowing with feeling.

Written by Loretta and her daughter Patsy Lynn Russell, ‘Ain’t No Time To Go’ is performed in conjunction with a band featuring her late son Ernest Lynn on guitar. The family comes together in a catchy showcase of musical genius. It’s no wonder that she is acclaimed as one of the greatest country artists ever.