Contestant Brings Down The House With Lonestar Cover On ‘Voice’ Finale

During ‘The Voice’ 2019 finale, Jake Hoot brought purity and warmth to his cover of “Amazed” by Lonestar. Fans appreciated how true he stuck to the source material, rather than changing the song with key changes or runs. He left the beautiful melody alone, and his respect for the song paid off.

Jake Hoot brought purity and quiet emotion to 2019 ‘The Voice’ finale with his version of Lonestar’s “Amazed.” The fans were looking for a more pure country song choice by Jake, in contrast to some of his more experimental choices throughout the season. He sang the song with a sweet, quiet tone that warmed the heart of all who listened.

Many appreciated the purity of Jake’s song choice. Instead of changing keys or adding to the original melody, Jake and his coach Kelly Clarkson kept his performance very close to the original. One fan gushed: “Loved that he left the beautiful melody alone, no tricks, riffs or prolonged runs, just beautiful voice and keeping the song pure. Great Job!”