Little girl suddenly realizes she’s at her dance recital

Watch this performance of a two-year-old at a dance recital who gets so distracted by seeing her family in the audience that she chooses to dispense with the carefully crafted routine and make up her own.

This performance of a two-year-old at a dance recital is both hilarious and adorably cute. She starts out the concert just staring out into the audience, appearing somewhat dazzled by the crowd’s size and all the bright lights.

Suddenly, she spies her family in the audience, and all bets are off. The little girl walks to the front of the stage so she can wave at those so familiar to her.

She’s pulled to the side of the stage by a teacher. She starts dancing in her own inimitable way, not paying attention to the adult who’s modeling the dance moves for all the students.

For some inexplicable reason, she runs to the back of the stage before running back. The crowd, utterly delighted in her adorable antics, goes wild.

This little girl definitely marches to the beat of her own drum—a lesson that we can all learn. I hope she never extinguishes her maverick spirit and carries it with her all the days of her life.

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