Listen Up Ed, 8 Galway Girls Are Here To Rock Your World – And We Can’t Believe Our Eyes!

English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran sure seems to have a thing for “Galway Girls,” if his 2017 single isn’t proof enough. Luckily for these eight Irish dancers, the feeling is mutual.

With a beachside villa serving as their backdrop, these eight young ladies put on quite a show for their favorite pop singer. And, though it’s not the type of dancing we’d generally associate with pop music, we can’t get enough of their Irish jig.

Fittingly called “The Galway Girls,” this troupe of dancers hail from the Claddagh area of Galway City in Ireland. But it seems they’ve got a thing for English boys…

As the eight begin their traditional step routine, we can hardly keep track between the lightning-fast footwork and their flowing locks. While dancing to Sheeran’s 2017 smash hit “Shape Of You,” these girls give the singer a run for their money with their ridiculous talent.