Legendary Tom Jones sings incredible ‘I’m Growing Old’

Tom Jones will never let age keep him from performing for his fans, as the 80-year-old legend showcases in his new song ‘I’m Growing Old.’

For decades, Tom Jones has been one of the most sensational and beloved performers in the world, amazing his fans with incredible hit songs.

At the age of 80, Jones is still going strong with a phenomenal new song, ‘I’m Growing Old.’ Played with a simple piano accompaniment and backed by powerful lyrics, the song is sure to be a hit.

Jones performs this rendition with steady, contemplative strength – he is a seasoned star now, and he is reflecting on the effects time has had on him.

Still, like a Dylan Thomas poem, he is not willing to go gentle into that good night, showcasing the iconic vocal power that has made him a legend around the world.

For lifetime fans and new listeners, ‘I’m Growing Old’ is the perfect performance by a world-class singer who still has a lot to give.

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Legendary Tom Jones sings incredible ‘I’m Growing Old’