“Lean On Me” By U.S. Navy Band Is Sure To Inspire Comfort

The United States Navy Band under the gifted direction of Captain Kenneth C. Collins rewards audiences with a version of a Bill Withers classic that’s a must-hear. Their arrangement of “Lean On Me” is performed in dedication to active serving personnel aboard the #USNSComfort and #USNSMercy, while serving as a beacon of hope to all those who need a little support.

What a wonderful way to take the timeless favorite and turn it into something with a distinctly patriotic appeal. It’s a message that’ll move you no matter what walk of life you may come from, adding a glimmer of hope when you need it most. Military families will feel the message deeply, with the emotion shared by this army band truly overflowing as they perform.

The U.S. Navy Band never ceases to amaze, but this rendition of “Lean On Me” is nothing short of outstanding. Their phenomenal rendition recreates something that the whole world loves, instilling it with a feeling that distinctly matches their dedication. It’s pure love shared with every word.