Lea Michele Raises Festive Cheer With ‘Christmas In New York’

‘Christmas in New York’ is the headlining track from Lea Michele’s Christmas album ‘Christmas in the City.’ This beautiful song is the ideal accompaniment to raise holiday spirit. Inspired by her own childhood Christmas celebrations in New York, it carries heartfelt, uplifting emotion that paints a beautiful picture of festivities in The Big Apple.

Lea Michele is famous is for Broadway roles, including prominent productions like Les Misérables, Ragtime, Fiddler on the Roof, and Spring Awakening. This just shows you how much talent is cast to put together the hit television show ‘Glee.’ All these years later, Lea continues to evolve or rich voice and fantastic range, delivering hits like this instant holiday classic.

If you want to experience the closest thing to Winter in one of the most festive cities in the world, then listen to ‘Christmas in New York.’ Epic vocalist Lea Michele has managed to capture the spirit of a New York Christmas in every word, while at the same time proving that she is one of the best singers ever.