Lauren Bacall’s Unforgettable Adventure Filming ‘The African Queen’, 1987

Embarking on a Journey of a Lifetime with Lauren Bacall

In the company of Lauren Bacall, let’s travel back to 198 American television, when she spoke fondly about her journey on the set of “The African Queen.” Bacall, not only an actress of repute but a person of substance, shared her riveting anecdotes, painting a vivid picture of her time in Africa.

Bacall’s Close Encounters with the Real Africa

Recounting her experience, Bacall mentioned how the making of the film was a fascinating endeavor. The entire crew lived in huts made out of bamboo and palm leaves, with mother earth as their floor. The location was so remote they had to clear the jungle to build a camp. Such was the authenticity and grit of the film, reflecting the director John Huston’s penchant for realism.

John Huston’s Unconventional Directing Approach

Bacall spoke warmly about Huston, noting his extraordinary ability to find the most impossible filming locations. In her words, Huston and her husband, Humphrey Bogart, were not just great friends but also “great drinking friends.” They tackled the intense African weather with their “little high balls,” a camaraderie she fondly remembered.

The Trials and Triumphs on the Set

Despite the adversities, Bacall’s experience was imbued with a sense of wonder and marvel. She recollected the local children’s curiosity, the royal waves of Huston akin to the King of England, and Bogart and Huston’s unlikely immunity to sickness, despite their drinking habits.

The making of “The African Queen” was not merely about filming a movie; it was an adventure, a slice of life, a testament to the resilience and spirit of its cast and crew. Bacall’s storytelling weaves an enticing narrative, a tapestry of human spirit and endeavor, punctuated with humor, fondness, and a touch of nostalgia.

Because Bacall’s memories of the African Queen’s making are so vividly recalled, the video below is a must-watch. It is a time capsule, a chance to step into the past and witness the golden age of cinema. So, please give it a watch, and if you enjoy it, do share it with others.

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Lauren Bacall\'s Unforgettable Adventure Filming \'The African Queen\', 1987