Laugh Out Loud with the Funniest Skit Ever: Carol Burnett and Martha Raye

One of the funniest episodes of the Carol Burnett Show will bring laughter and warmth to your heart as you witness the battle between artists. It all begins peacefully as Carol sets up her tripod. She is ready to start painting when another artist comes to the same spot to paint.

The Lady in Pink has difficulty getting her tripod and canvas to stay in position, so Carol helps her. Before long, the war begins with Carol getting her fingers crushed in her paint box when the woman accidentally bangs it on her hand. Carol’s facial expressions are hilarious!

The drama escalates as the two artists get splashed paint on each other’s canvasses and then make matters worse by smearing the paint around. Events like emptying a paint tube on Carol’s hand and smearing it on her clothes follow. The other artist squeezes paint down Carol’s smock, and revenge takes over as Carol paints a mustache and beard on The Lady in Pink.

The duo laughs and has fun as they battle with paint, and the audience loves it. The episode ends when each artist has filled the other’s beret with paint. Carol did this and splashed paint all over her “enemy’s” head and face. When the woman tried to retaliate, she accidentally splashed a nearby police officer. Then, the chase begins as he tries to capture her. This scene is funny today, just as it was years ago.

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Laugh Out Loud with the Funniest Skit Ever: Carol Burnett and Martha Raye