Lady Gaga Shares Her Devastating Story Behind the Final Song in ‘A Star Is Born’

Discover The Meaning of Love Lost With Lady Gaga’s Emotional Hit ‘I’ll Never Love Again’.

‘I’ll Never Love Again’ is a powerful song with a message that will touch millions, reminding us all just how valuable it is to treasure love. Lady Gaga never ceases to astound, with yet another masterpiece from the feature film “A Star Is Born.”

There is always a reason behind every moment, no matter how hard. The raw emotion put forth in this performance by Lady Gaga was, in part, fueled by finding out that her childhood friend Sonja Durham was living her final moments. Having suffered from Stage IV cancer, she passed ten minutes before Gaga could get there.

Despite the support and wishes to wait from co-star and director Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga was determined to finish the scene, pushing her to step forth and sing amid the grief. Lady Gaga said, “[Sonja] gave me a tragic gift that day, and I took it with me to [the] set, and I sang that song for Jackson and for her on that very same day within an hour.”

She continued to explain during her interview with Zane Lowe, “Life is hard man, but we’ve gotta stick together. What’s more important than any of this, the fame, the accolades? What’s important is the process of love and kindness. I think the star of this film is human courage, bravery.”

‘A Star Is Born’ is filled with more award-winning performances than almost any musical, but what is even more astounding is how relatable, emotional, and touching each track is. ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ has been called the most heartrending song out of the whole movie, and one of the greatest showcases of Lady Gaga’s power and range out there.

Watch Lady Gaga deliver one of the strongest and most emotional performances of her career in ‘I’ll Never Love Again.’

Lady Gaga Shares Her Devastating Story Behind the Final Song in \'A Star Is Born\'