Kodi Lee From America’s Got Talent Performs Heartwarming Rendition of “Lean on Me”

As soon as he stepped on the stage for the first time during America’s Got Talent, Kodi Lee stole the hearts of everyone watching. This talented singer and pianist performed a cover of “Lean On Me” from the comfort of his own home for autism awareness.

Lee ended up winning his season of America’s Got Talent. Now, he continues to make music and creates a digital collaboration with drummer Logan Sheppard. The song “Lean On Me” is originally by Bill Withers, and these two gentlemen brought it justice.

This classic tune is all about friendship and the ability to count on one another during hard times. Both Kodi and Logan have autism, but that doesn’t stop them from going after their dreams and living fruitful lives.

During the strange time we’re facing with the coronavirus pandemic, a song like this hits close to home. We’re so glad that Kodi and Logan recorded this beautiful rendition of such an iconic song. We look forward to whatever they create in the future.