King & Country’s ‘Amen’ song makes you feel you’re next to Jesus right now

For King & Country

For King & Country are taking us through a spiritual journey in their latest performance of their song “Amen.” The Christian band showcases their artistic talent in their gospel song.

The uplifting song “Amen” was written by Busbee, Joel David Smallbone, Luke Smallbone, Seth Mosley, and Tedd Tjornhom. The lyrics and the music video take you through a spiritual transformation.

In the official performance of this song, Luke and Joel Smallbone go from dry desolation to the bright light that is Jesus Christ. This metaphor is represented through the travel that they take.

For King & Country

Luke and Joel start off in darkness in the middle of the Salt Flats in Utah. Each with an oil lamp in their hands stands up and faces the night ahead.

The lyrics of “Amen” offer many allegorical interpretations for the power that is God. They call unto him in this dark and dry terrain as “water for a thirsty soul” and to “baptize” them into His love.

As their weathered bodies sing the words of the song, they are literally showered in His grace. The sky opens in a downpour and provides them with water. However, the men are not out of harm yet.

They must completely give themself up and submerge into the ocean of water that has appeared to be “reborn” into the light. It’s no wonder that with a message like this, the song has been seen over 19 million times on YouTube.

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King & Country\'s \'Amen\' song makes you feel you\'re next to Jesus right now