Kids Choir Pay Tribute To New York – The Epicenter of US Pandemic

America’s coronavirus pandemic spans the nation and indeed the globe, but few cities were hit harder than the epicenter itself. Sending a message of hope and prayers for fervent recovery, the One Voice Children’s Choir delivers a touching cover of Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ that is sure to move you.

The talented young artists reward with a cover that’s not only flawless it’s delivery and phenomenal visuals spanning overshot shots of New York City, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, but it’s an emotionally charged performance that’s sure to hit home. Whether you’re from the Big Apple or battling the virus from elsewhere in the world, this song is sure to uplift.

COVID-19 may have hit New York and the surrounding areas hard, but citizens are confident that the most resilient city in the world will bounce back. This is the exact message shared in this touching cover of ‘See You Again’ by the One Voice Children’s Choir. The youth sure seem to know the way forward – that’s amazing.