Kenny Chesney remembers life’s great moments in ‘Knowing You’

‘Knowing You’ official video is Kenny Chesney at his best

Kenny Chesney is joined by a beautiful woman aboard a boat in the middle of the spectacular ocean for his video ‘Knowing You,’ which looks back at meaningful moments in life.

The song lyrics refer to those people that you meet in life who change you for the better, and for the wonderful times that you had together. It is a nostalgic look back in time.

As Chesney sings about in the song, even though the relationships do not always work out well – in fact, some of them may have ended badly – Chesney is still left with positive feelings.

Although the moments and the memories and the relationship are over, he is still thankful for having met this person, and would do it all over again if he had the chance.

‘Knowing You’ official video is Kenny Chesney at his best

In this song and video, Chesney captures that universal feeling of looking back fondly at days gone by and remembering all the good times that made you who you are today.

In the video, Chesney essentially sings in two time periods. The first is sun-kissed ocean memories with his love, sharing a sailing trip together. The second is years later and filled with mist and gloom, a stark contrast in experience.

This is a wonderful song with a beautiful message for anyone who has lost someone along the way, but who looks back at the memories and would live them again in a heartbeat.

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