Kelly Clarkson and Contestant Sing Emotional Final Duet On ‘The Voice’

Texas native Jake Hoot sang a hauntingly beautiful duet with Kelly Clarkson during the finals on the 2019 season of ‘The Voice.’ Having chosen to sing a cover of Sarah McLachlan’s “Wintersong.” The pair blended their crystal clear voices with emotional performances that never failed to stir the emotions of the audience.

Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, but raised in the Dominican Republic, Jake Hoot’s soulful southern sound is flavored by his travels. He took ‘The Voice’ by storm by sticking with his country roots, and no better can this be exhibited than in is Finals duet with his coach Kelly Clarkson.

The song they chose is by Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan and is entitled “Wintersong.” The beautiful melody and bittersweet message blended beautifully with Hoot’s crystal clear vocals. The harmonies performed with the incomparable Kelly Clarkson were particularly splendid, conjuring up winter evenings by the fire snuggling up with loved ones.