Can’t-Miss Country Christmas: Keith Urban Wants To Be Your Santa Tonight

Beloved country superstar Keith Urban is known for many hits, but once you hear his festive track ‘I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight,’ it may just become your favorite. Keith’s signature sound rings out clear as he delivers a naughty take on celebrating the holidays. It became an instant classic, drawing both old and new festive fans from around the world.

Keith stands playing guitar and singing this country Christmas song that’s so catchy that you’ll soon find yourself singing along. From guitar, this multitalented musician switches to piano, exhibiting equal dexterity, alternating throughout his heartwarming video. This is the first Christmas song that Keith’s taken on, and it’s a smashing success.

‘I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight’ is a Christmas hit that gives you a glimpse into what Keith Urban considers a warm, welcoming Christmas. It took becoming wholly immersed in Christmas spirit with the aid of lights, tinsel and a tree for him and Shane Mc Allay to come up with this classic upbeat holiday track with its retro vibe.