Katie Kadan Rocks Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ On ‘The Voice’

During the 2019 playoffs of ‘The Voice,’ Katie Kadan brought her powerhouse talent to Adele when she covered “Rolling In The Deep.” Her infectious energy had the audience on their feet, and her animated, theatrical vocal stylings brought new life to Adele’s words. Transforming the ballad into a rock epic, Katie Kadan proved she is a legend.

Katie Kaden absolutely shredded Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” during the playoffs of the 2019 season of ‘The Voice.’ Her animated, theatrical take on the song brought new life to Adele’s words. She not only covered the song but knocked it out of the park bring a gravelly, rock edge that is all her own.

It’s hard to sit still when Katie sings because her energy is infectious. Especially considering the uptempo beat of this particular song choice, Katie’s powerful voice was a perfect fit for the selection. This is a concert-level performance that had the audience on their feet dancing and singing along. Miss Katie truly is a legend.