Judges Think She’s Crazy For Choosing “Amazing Grace” For The Semi-Finals, Then They Hear Her Gospel Voice

Vonnie Lopez Stuns With Her ‘Amazing Grace’

“Amazing Grace” is probably one of the most recognized and well-loved songs in history, crossing many musical genres. This audition clip is from the CBS tv show The World’s Best, which brings musical talent of all genres from all over the world onto one stage.

Contestant Vonnie Lopez was born into a religious home in Louisiana that had a long history of music in the family. Like everyone else in her family, she grew up absolutely loving music.  However, there was just one small problem – Vonnie could not hold a tune. As enthusiastic as she was, she was tone deaf.

With as important as music was to her family, all Vonnie wanted to do was sing with everyone else. She started praying every day about it, until one day at fourteen, she was asked to sing at a church function.  Her family was very hesitant because they knew how Vonnie sang, but in attempt to be supportive, her mother decided to help…

Her mother sat down at the piano and started practicing with her. As she sang, her father came in, thinking there was a record playing. Much to his surprise, it was his own daughter. She could miraculously sing – and sing beautifully!

From that day on, Vonnie hasn’t stopped singing. In an interview with local CBS reporter Matt Weiss, she told him about her ability to sing: “I know that it’s a gift, I didn’t get it naturally, and so it means that much more to me.”

The Gospel singer now confidently takes on the classic hymn and completely makes it her own. Vonnie begins the song in the traditional way, but soon takes it to another level. Her deep, rich voice brings new life to the song. The crowd soon starts cheering and many stand to their feet, including Judge Faith Hill.

The growl in Vonnie’s voice and obvious conviction in the words move everyone in the auditorium. This woman can do some amazing things with her voice! The judges give Vonnie a standing ovation, and many teary eyes could be seen across the wall of judges, the judges’ panel, and in the audience.

Her performance earned a standing ovation while teary-eyed judge Faith Hill proclaimed, “For all of us who grew up in the church, you are just allowing us to experience what it feels like to let yourself go and let the Spirit just take you.”

Despite her success, Vonnie remains humble. In an interview with CBS she said, “We pray for open doors but then the door opens our first instinct is fear. I think so many people miss out on opportunities like this and other life-changing moments. I’ll never forget this, it’s one of the great highlights of my life, all the people I’ve been able to meet. The show itself, what it represents, the inclusion, I get so excited about this show – I love it… But I’m really at peace!”

This incredibly moving performance of an old Gospel hymn touched countless people, both in the audience and at home. It has been the journey of a lifetime, but it’s that same journey everyone takes in life. It’s always that journey and that next step, that open door.

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