Judges Jaws Are On The Floor After 13-Year-Old Soul Singer’s First Note

Christina Aguilera’s iconic track ‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’ originally by Etta James has never sounded better than this audition from a 13-year-old Dutch blonde bombshell with a voice that sounds made for music. Demi van Wijngaarden blew away the judges of The Voice Kids Holland, securing herself progression and a future in the limelight.

It took just over four seconds for Judge Macro Borsato to decide that he’d heard enough, slamming his button and putting himself in the running for her support. Nick & Simon were up next after just a few more lines. Judge Angela Groothuizen waited longer than the rest, but just as Demi picked up pace, she too was convinced.

In a showing of confidence, pride and incredible vocal power, Demi demonstrated the skills that made her such a formidable contestant in The Voice Kids Holland. Her rendition of ‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’ proved potential beyond all expectations, with a song and performance that’d make the original artist proud.