Audience amazed by Josh Groban’s live performance of ‘Pure Imagination’

Josh Groban’s live performance of ‘Pure Imagination’

Josh Groban entertained his live audience with a beautiful version of the whimsical classic ‘Pure Imagination’ from the famous movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ The song was also filmed for a DVD special.

Josh Groban has enjoyed a steady rise over the past decade, quickly becoming one of the most respected and admired singers in America. He sells out shows nationally and internationally.

In this performance, he relies on his trademark vocal stylings. Of course, this includes his smooth sound, the classical touch that he puts on even popular songs, and a voice that is recognized everywhere.

Josh Groban’s live performance of ‘Pure Imagination’

Instead of taking the stage before singing this song, he cleverly begins in his own dressing room. A staff member knocks on the door and hands him a microphone, signaling his time to start.

He sings for a moment in front of his dressing room mirror, then walks out the door and down a long hallway. The entire process is tracked by a camera on a rolling dolly, so Groban seems always to be walking toward the viewer.

In an exceptional show of control and vocal power, he continues to sing the song while he walks. He makes it all seem so effortless, even though any singer will admit that this is a challenging task.

He continues and eventually ends the performance on the stage in front of an appreciative audience. They cheer for him as he reaches the conclusion of the song, and it is clear that the rest of the concert will be a success.

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