Jonathan Goodwin’s Jaw-Dropping Danger Act Leaves The ‘AGT’ Judges Gasping

This video will make you a little uncomfortable. For giggles, you might want to sit down, too. There really is no reason to stand and watch this man casually dodge deadly arrows. Jonathan Goodwin is what they call, well, crazy. Technically, he is billed as a “danger act,” but even Simon thinks he is crazy.

Simon says that Jonathon is the closest he has seen a person come to killing themselves on live TV. Howies’ response is, “I’m nervous.” Me too, Howie, me too. The clip shows these wild and crazy stunts Jonathon has done in the past, and it makes the judges a little uneasy about what is coming.

Jonathon places a cup on his head and tells the judges that his assistant will pour water into it. He instructs Howie to listen to the water filling the cup, and to say stop when it is full and not a moment sooner. This seems like an odd request, but Howie complies.

This is important because Jonathon’s act includes bottles filling up with water…Of course, these bottles are attached to the triggers of crossbows that are aimed at Johnathon. Did we mention that Johnathon will wear a metal blindfold? Yeah, no peeking here! He will listen for the water to fill the bottles and dodge the deadly arrows. Watching the clip to the end will tell you if he was successful!