Jonathan Antoine’s warm and sensitive cover of ‘Summertime’

Unlike most operatic tenors, whose voices can be a bit too bombastic, Jonathan Antoine’s voice is warm and sensitive.

Jonathan Antoine’s remarkable path as a singer and a person inspires people around the world. His distinctive warm and soothing voice coupled with his genuine persona is for many a refreshing sight.

Even in an aria such as George Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’, a composition that has more than 25000 versions up till now, Antoine is masterfully interpreting the mood and feel of it. He tells you a story.

A story, that coming from him, sounds incredibly convincing. Imagining it being sung this way as it was intended, to a child as a lullaby. The world would feel so much simpler and safer.

The magnificent arrangement performed by a live orchestra and a hauntingly beautiful Gershwin’s composition is a perfect support for the magnanimous talent.

This is a beautiful performance of a man who impressed listeners with his shy beginnings at ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Now he inspires with his devotion to music and life.

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Jonathan Antoine’s warm and sensitive cover of ‘Summertime’