Johnny Carson’s 1987 Singing Dog Contest

When Dogs Held the Mic on Late Night TV

Imagine, if you will, an era where the charm of variety television still held sway. A fondly remembered moment comes to mind – the 1987 Singing Dog Contest from the legendary Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. Settle in and let us guide you through the delightful spectacle from the video below.

The Enchanting Canine Chorus

As the show kicks off, the iconic Carson announces the annual singing dog contest, a real slice of TV history. Six diverse dogs, each with their unique persona, lined up to strut their stuff, ushering in the new year with their renditions of canine arias.

From Humble Homes to the Limelight

The first contestant, Larry Roloff, introduces Mona, a miniature with an ear for showbiz. Adorning a charming earpiece, Mona’s sopranic barks fill the studio, echoing the joy of the community who once enjoyed such simple, heartwarming entertainment.

Canine Stars and Their Human Companions

Another noteworthy participant was Jamie Edmondson, alongside Ruben, a Boxer with a soft tenor voice. As a professional singer himself, Jamie coached Ruben, an enthusiastic six-year-old, to deliver an unforgettable performance.

The Competition Continues

The lineup was not short of remarkable talent. Lora Mae Pratt and her Alaskan Malamute, Kona, graced the stage, followed by Sela Riley and the Begonia-mix, Raisin. The duo of Estelle Dusty Hill and Aladdin, a large Sheltie, put on a harmonic performance that still rings in our memory. Finally, Richard Lyons and Columbo, a piano-accompanying dog, ended the individual performances on a high note.

Applause Determines the Winner

The audience, acting as the judge, made their decision through applause. In the end, the golden fire hydrant—the top prize—went to none other than the sopranic Mona. Raisin and Columbo completed the trio of top performers, but each dog was a winner in their own right, providing unforgettable entertainment.

The nostalgia these memories bring makes us yearn for those times when simple joys were the highlight of our day. So, travel back in time with us and watch this delightful spectacle because these moments remind us of the joy and innocence of a bygone era. Don’t forget to like and share this cherished memory with others.

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Johnny Carson\'s 1987 Singing Dog Contest