John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’ Goes Viral In ‘Voice’ Battle Unlike Any Other

Pro Singer Legend Posts Kid’s Performance of His Song on His Own Facebook – The Voice Kids Germany

You don’t have to be a legend these days to be a kid to reach the “battle round” on The Voice Kids’ series. But if you are pitted against someone of the opposite sex, whose vocal talents are just as extraordinary and strong as yours and can harmonize perfectly with you, what is produced might become legendry.

Lena, a coach from The Voice Kids (Germany, 2014 series) pitted Jasmin and Richard from her team against each other.

From the moment Jasmin started to sing it was clear that this is going to be a special performance, cause she gives all, all of her. Then it was Richards turn and after his first few notes, there was no doubt that this will become an epic performance, as he gave all, all of him. What was supposed to be a battle, turned out to be one of the most harmonious and well-performed covers of John Legend’s “All of Me”.

The fact that the duo’s performance left their coach, Lena, crying is not the only proof that the performance was one in a lifetime, it was so epic that John Legend himself, shared the video of the performance on his own Facebook.

Unfortunately only Richard progressed to the final 5. He finally made it as runner up. None the less, as a duet, their performance has now reached over 60 million hits, making this performance sure one of the best ever and will probably be better remembered than Richards runner-up position.

John Legend\'s ‘All Of Me’ Goes Viral In ‘Voice’ Battle Unlike Any Other