Jennifer Hudson Gets Emotional Singing “Memory” On ‘The Voice’

Jennifer Hudson stunned ‘The Voice’ audience with her emotional rendition of “Memory” from the movie ‘Cats,’ which she recently starred in. Seeing her perform such an iconic piece of music feels like a critical moment in musical history. Hudson herself seemed to connect personally with the song, emotionally portraying the message of redemption in every phrase.

During the 2019 finals of the ‘The Voice,’ Jennifer Hudson took to the stage to sing a solo piece that means a lot to her. “Memory” is the song she sings in her recent movie ‘Cats,’ and you can tell that the song’s message truly affects her. Emotion pours from Hudson as she sings every word.

Jennifer Hudson is a national treasure, and seeing her perform such an iconic piece of music leaves me with chills. I agree with one fan who said: “Her singing here is so polished–it seems like she had some classical training for this role and makes me wish she would try her hand at opera. Now that would be amazing.”