Jaw-Dropping Auditions From ‘America’s Got Talent’ We Can’t Stop Talking About

Eric Chien, Sophie Pecora, Patrizio Ratto, and Jackie Fabulous brought amazing acts to the first round of Season 14 on “America’s Got Talent.” With card tricks, original songs, and even classical breakdancing, these performers brought it all.

Thousands audition for each season of “America’s Got Talent,” and Season 14 was no exception. With this season, however, some of the acts were special enough to highlight. Thus the AGT team put together a highlight reel of some of the most outstanding auditions during the season.

The most surprising has to be Italian-born dancer Patrizio Ratto, who started out playing a piece of classical music on the piano and ended up contorting his body into some amazing breakdancing moves. We’ve never seen anything like it.

Jaw-Dropping Auditions From \'America\'s Got Talent\' We Can\'t Stop Talking About