‘The Voice’ Judges Think 14-Year-Old Kid Is Playing A Joke On Them When They Hear His Huge, Deep Voice

Blind auditions on the voice always hold some type of mystery for the judges. More often than not, the voice the judges hear does not match what the contestant looks like at all. Fourteen-year-old Jacob Norton from Colchester, Essex took every one of the judges by surprise when he auditioned for The Voice: UK.

Even though young Jacob is a tall boy, the singing voice he has shocked everyone. For his audition, Jacob chose the song “Puttin’ On the Ritz,” a Fred Astaire classic. The decades-old song ended up being the perfect song choice for Jacob’s incredibly deep voice since he sounded decades older than he really was.

Coaches Pixie Lott, Will.i.am, and Danny Jones were all completely shocked at the huge, deep voice they heard coming from behind them. They thought someone might actually be pranking them. More out of curiosity than anything, all three judges turned their chairs to see who this unbelievable voice belonged to. The crowd cheered wildly and stood to theirfeet, clapping along to Jacob’s song.

Jacob was so excited about the judges turning for him, but professionally keeps his composure to finish his song. Halfway through, the song tempo increases, and Jacob starts using the stage to interact with the audience more. The audience and judges were clearly enjoying his performance.

Once his audition is over, all of Jacob’s professionalism goes out the window, and he starts acting like a fourteen-year-old again by jumping up and down and cheering. The judges were extremely impressed, and gave him outstanding reviews.

Pixie exclaimed, “Your timbre is just so rich. I’m speechless! I’ve never heard anything like it before.”

Danny added, “I think we’re all speechless right now, because that is one amazing voice. I think it’s fantastic, man.”

With his pick of all three judges, Jacob decides to join Team Danny. In an interview afterwards, Jacob admitted to being extremely nervous. “But when I started singing, I just got into it; I was just hoping at least one person would turn. I was worried I wasn’t going to get anyone, but when I got three turns, it was such a shock.”

‘The Voice’ Judges Think 14-Year-Old Kid Is Playing A Joke On Them When They Hear His Huge, Deep Voice