It Was Supposed to Be an Ordinary Day at the Nursing Home, but Pay Attention to the Red-haired Lady

Every day is special at the nursing home. But some days are even more special than others. This day was made extra special as you’re about to discover.

These amazing ladies, residents at Mount Olivet Senior Care Center, were treated to an extra special day from an organization called I AM KINDNESS, a group of volunteers who perform random acts of kindness that lift spirits, help those in need, and inspire.

These ladies can be heard saying they haven’t had their makeup done in many years. The professional make-up crew arrives at the retirement home to change all that. The laughs and smiles of these fun-loving seniors are absolutely contagious. Frank Sinatra was right: Fairy tales DO come true if you’re young at heart.

Girls of every age like to be pampered and look pretty. These girls are no exception. One thing’s for certain, make-up or not, these gals are beautiful. As we age, life can get in the way, making other things seem more important. This video really brings it home how we are never too old to be treated well.

In a time when seniors are often forgotten, this act of kindness is extra special. This video captures the day beautifully, and it will make your heart smile.

Watch the video below and see how these lovely ladies are beautiful, inside and out.