Introducing the 5-Year-Old Prodigy Preacher Winning Hearts

In a heartwarming episode of “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” the incredibly talented singer introduces us to a young star, Luke Tillman. With his brilliant story, this 5-year-old has grabbed the hearts of millions, as a video of him baptizing his plush toy continues to make waves online.

As Jennifer Hudson sits down with Luke, he shares his aspirations of becoming a preacher, recites the powerful words of John 3:16, and even has the privilege of singing “Take Me to the Water” alongside the Grammy Award-winning singer herself.

Luke’s decision to baptize his beloved Paw Patrol toy, Chase, surprises his mother, who questions his intentions. Luke confidently replies, explaining that his toy “needs the Holy Ghost,” inspired by his father, who baptized him at the tender age of four.

Ezra, the pastor of First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Flint, Michigan, smiles with pride as he speaks on the show about his son’s dreams. Luke’s ambition is to follow in his father’s footsteps, becoming a pastor and living a life dedicated to Christianity.

The audience can’t help but be moved by Luke’s genuine desire to be like his father. Jennifer Hudson acknowledges the challenges of being a pastor’s child. Still, she commends Luke for his authenticity and wholehearted pursuit of his calling.

When asked to share his favorite scripture, Luke confidently recites the iconic words of John 3:16, leaving everyone in awe of his unwavering faith and devotion to God. The segment concludes on a heartwarming note as Luke, Jennifer Hudson, and the entire audience sing “Take Me to the Water.”

Jennifer showers Luke with praise, reminding him to always follow God’s will. As a token of appreciation and support, she presents him with a basket overflowing with Paw Patrol stuffed animals.

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Introducing the 5-Year-Old Prodigy Preacher Winning Hearts