Incredible Indian Dance Duo Spin, Flip And Dance Their Way Onto AGT

The dancing duo Shakir and Rihan from Rajasthan delivered a phenomenal America’s Got Talent audition that earned the pair a standing ovation. The cousins must have put hundreds of hours into that perfection.

Indian cousins and sensational dance duo Shakir and Rihan will blow you away with their AGT audition. These two brought their A-game, a routine perfectly choreographed to Kodaline’s “Brother.”

The only thing that’s more beautiful than the precision choreography and majestic interpretation of Kodaline’s song is the sheer level of trust shared between these two people. It’s no wonder that they share that despite being cousins, their bond is like brothers.

Their show is not only death-defying but expertly controlled with such smoothness and beauty that you’ll be given a complete sense of security despite being shocked, amazed, and on the edge of your seat.