‘Hungry Eyes’ Want More Of This ‘Dirty Dancing’ Scene

The ’80s were a decade like no other, with a massive callback to this time seen in 2016. Many still stand in awe of the era in its seemingly simpler day-to-day life. There were many moments of grand innovation as well as moments that confused us. The population grew at such a rapid pace, that is far outshined not only the ’70s but also the ’90s. Music welcomed many talented performers to the limelight, from Madonna to the rise of glam, hard, and heavy metal bands.

Gaming took on a whole new form, as we saw the rise of popular culture icons and beloved classics we simply couldn’t put down. From Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., to Frogger, Metroid, Tetris, and even The Legend Of Zelda. With all these popular games out and about, the Nintendo franchise seemed to dominate, with no clear competitors in sight.

Film’s in the ’80s seemed to take a different approach than those of previous generations. Some taking on controversial topics, politics, the rise of heroes, and introductions to a new list of films never seen before. From the Brat Pack films that seemed to litter the 80’s with such tremendous force and popularity, to a boom in action films. An introduction to some of our most beloved characters as well as some that seemed to keep us up at night.

Fashion at the time seemed very unique compared to now. From the hairstyles that have become the brunt of many jokes to the styles that seem to have never left us. From the perm to the big hair, the 80’s certainly stood out as a testament of time when it came to the fashion of the day. During this time, many different variations of work-out clothes seemed to be the hot and hip clothing of the time. From members-only Jackets, leggings, and even leg warmers flying off the shelves.

Eric Carmen had quite a sudden rise to fame, thanks to his contributions to the hit movie Dirty Dancing. A timeless classic that no one can forget, with a soundtrack that will leave you fondly remembering the classic dance styles of everyone’s favorite sensitive tough guy. That’s right, I’m talking about the one, the only, Patrick Swayze.

Patrick Swayze seemed to dominate the scene when it came to tough guys who also understood the sensitivity needed to be loved by all on the big screen. Dirty Dancing wasn’t the first massive hit of the ’80s for Swayze, but it certainly didn’t hurt. When many see his tough, but lovable demeanor towards co-star Jennifer Grey, it can be hard not to get a bit teary-eyed.

The acting styles of Patrick Swayze have been blowing people away since his debut, with timelessly classic lines we still repeat to this day. From The Outsiders to Red Dawn, even up to Road House. All of these timeless classics may not have spoken about the current social or even political climate, but they had a quirky way of showing a different side to every coin. While some may party in a more formal setting, the cooks and bartenders had their own fun. They had their own way of cutting loose that some would describe as possibly risqué.

Thanks to the contributions of Carmen, we had a perfect song to really drive all those feelings we had for Swayze or even Grey, home. The timeless moment left me absolutely in awe.

\'Hungry Eyes\' Want More Of This \'Dirty Dancing\' Scene