Howie Mandel Cheers in Excitement During Spyros Bros Electrifying Quarter-Final Performance

Every season on America’s Got Talent, there are a variety of different performances you will see. While most people opt for dancing, singing, or a hilarious stand-up routine, you’ve never seen anything quite like the Spyros Bros.

Marc and Marco are a diabolo duo from the Philippines that wanted to stand out from the other type of acts on the infamous talent show. Their quarter-final performance looks like something straight off the stage in Las Vegas.

With a massive Krustyland set from The Simpsons behind them, the two brothers immediately leave the judges in awe. Using a string and a glow-in-the-dark ball, their light show is something worth checking out.

With gravity-defying tricks, Heidi Klum gets an up-close experience of their stunning tricks. Judge Howie Mandel can’t contain his excitement, and everyone in the room goes wild during this show-stopping performance.