Home Free’s ‘Only in America’ pays tribute to workers across the nation

Home Free’s ‘Only in America’

The American Dream is often celebrated in books, songs, and film, with different artists putting their unique perspectives on its meaning. Home Free joins that list with their performance of ‘Only in America.’

Home Free is already well-known for their music that celebrates many of the qualities that make America a wonderful nation. However, this song may have their most overtly praise-filled lyrics.

In ‘Only in America,’ the five-member group sings in acapella – the style that made them world-famous – and takes turns with lead vocals and supporting roles. Even the beat and instrument sounds are sung.

Home Free’s ‘Only in America’

They sing about what it means to live in America, and how many opportunities there are for people with big dreams, courage, and the resolve to follow their goals to the very end.

Throughout the song, video footage highlights several families who are doing exactly that – living their version of the American Dream. During short interviews, they express their joy at living in this country.

There are two things that most fans love about Home Free. The first is their incredible collection of voices and their ability to collaborate seamlessly. The second is their heartfelt lyrics.

Both were highlighted in this uplifting performance of ‘Only in America.’ It will serve as inspiration to dreamers across the country and fans who have been following the band for years.

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