Home Free sings the entertaining and uplifting song ‘Land of the Free’

Home Free has fun performing ‘Land of the Free’

For anyone looking for a patriotic American song that speaks to the freedom and opportunity available in this country, Home Free has delivered a fun and exciting new hit record.

Their song ‘Land of the Free’ contains genuine and sincere lyrics backed by the acapella musical stylings that have made Home Free one of the most popular singing groups around.

It is the newest song off their album, also called ‘Land of the Free,’ and it contains the right amount of energy and enthusiasm that their fans have come to expect from every new track that they release.

Home Free has fun performing ‘Land of the Free’

The video also fits with the attitude and tone of the record, as the guys are able to have a bit of fun while always remembering to stay respectful. The song never slips into irreverence.

Instead, it showcases five singers who individually have incredible musical gifts, but collectively form one of the most tight-knit and hardworking groups. They clearly feed off each other’s energy and talent.

Because they are an acapella group, they create every sound in the song, including musical accompaniment and rhythm sections. They manage this flawlessly throughout the ‘Land of the Free’ performance.

For fans who have been following Home Free for years or new listeners who are listening to the band for the first time, this song will be a welcome addition to the many hits they have consistently delivered throughout the years.

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