Home Free & Peter Hollens Sing “Amazing Grace” In An Empty Church

Peter Hollens has brought in the help of country acapella sensation Home-Free for a heartwarming rendition of ‘Amazing Grace.’ The five-country artists voice’s combine in beautiful unison with the distinctive sound of Hollens, creating a version of this song that instills pure joy into the timeless hymn.

This inspiring performance starts seated in pews, filmed in church. Their harmonies uplift, continuing to grow more and more powerful as the song goes on. Where only two Home-Free singers are present at the start, all five later enrich the melody with deepness and range that carries on a place to a place of comfort.

The video sweeps one across a journey of praise and celebration, later shifting to a nature-filled scene where there stars voices begin to shine. Their smooth tones, precise subharmonics, and effortless harmony pour out in an acapella performance like few others. Peter has come up with a unique arrangement, showcasing each individual voice and the accord of all.

The selection of seasonal arrangements delivered by Peter Hollens rewards the home with a complete solution for raising holiday cheer. Secular music is transformed into contemporary tracks that any person can relate to, infusing the day with honest goodness and uplifting vibes. Once you’ve heard their upbeat take of this iconic song, you’ll soon be looking for even more tracks.

Whether you’re familiar with Home-Free and Peter Hollens or not, this recreation of ‘Amazing Grace’ is a song that shows you exactly who they are in feeling and technical vocal ability. Their progression through this stunning acapella arrangement is nothing short of masterful, filling the air with deep resonance and sweet melodies without the need for any instrumental accompaniment.

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