Hilarious Reasons to Avoid the Doctor, Carol Burnett Style

Hey there, comedy fans! Are you ready to dive into the world of Carol Burnett and laugh until your sides hurt? Well, buckle up because we’re about to take a journey into a hilarious sketch that will leave you bewildered and in stitches. Let’s go!

It all starts with Carol Burnett playing Carol Bradford, a woman who’s not a fan of doctors or dentists. However, her sister, Chrissy, played by Vicki Lawrence, is worried about her health and suggests she see a doctor. But Carol insists she’s fine and just needs a good night’s sleep.

As Chrissy tries to call a doctor, Carol decides to get some sleep. But things take a wild turn when her husband, Roger Bradford (played by Harvey Korman), brings in a surprise visitor – a doctor named Jerry Schroeder, played by none other than Donald O’Connor.

Concerned for his wife’s health, Roger asks Dr Jerry to disguise himself as a fellow golfer so he can examine Carol without her knowing. But things don’t exactly go as planned when Dr Schroeder starts acting like a surgeon, much to Carol’s confusion and annoyance.

As Dr Schroeder starts examining Carol, she gets increasingly frustrated with her husband’s friend. But when he blows in her ear, she’s had enough and demands to know what he’s up to. As the scene unfolds, Dr Schroeder presumes that Carol has found his secret that he’s actually a doctor!

He cheekily suggests to Carol that she should go into the next room, take her clothes off, and give him a call. Carol is taken aback and lets out a scream, calling out to her husband, Roger, to come into the room.

Roger walks in and spills the beans, revealing the truth that Mr Schroeder is, in fact, a doctor. Carol is shocked and upset, and she storms out of the room, calling for her sister Crissy.

Crissy emerges from the kitchen at the same time as Carol, thus slamming the door in Carol’s face. Left in a frenzy, Carol calls Roger for help, exclaiming that she needs a doctor. The skit comes to an uproarious end, with the audience in stitches.

Throughout the sketch, Carol Burnett proves why she’s the princess of comedy, as her comic timing, expressions, and antics leave everyone in stitches. Her ability to turn a simple situation into a sidesplitting comedy goldmine is genuinely remarkable, and The Carol Burnett Show fans are delighted by her performance.

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Hilarious Reasons to Avoid the Doctor, Carol Burnett Style