Hilarious ‘Gypsy Kings’ have me laughing so hard, I’m sweating

To work this well together as comedians and musicians, you know these performers must be great friends when they are off the stage.

Paul Morocco is the founder of the Olé Comedy Show. This three-man act mixes flamenco guitar with slapstick humor and parodies of familiar hit songs.

Olé Comedy performs internationally, speaking in Spanish. Paul was a juggler and used the same showmanship he used as a street performer to entertain audiences.

Olé Comedy has become an international comedy hit, winning awards in Scotland and England during the 1990s for their performances that combine flamenco with jokes.

Morocco performs with two other gifted musicians, Alesandro Bernardi and Antonio Forcione. They are sometimes called “Three Mad Guitars” for their energetic antics while playing.

Paul Morocco’s experience as an actor, street performer, and guitarist helped Olé Comedy achieve stardom. His motto is, “The future is greater than the past.”

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Hilarious ‘Gypsy Kings’ have me laughing so hard, I’m sweating