High school drummers set the Internet ablaze with over 8 million views

Yeah, you know how many drummers you see, but how many do you hear? Their coordination is so tight, that it only sounds like there’s one drummer in the mix.

When you’re in a drumline, you’re not just keeping in time with the music. You’re setting the pace and the tempo for everyone else. Playing in the drumline is a big responsibility.

Such drum sequences are meant to hype up everyone listening. What you hear in this sequence is kind of like heavy metal without the guitars. It’s either music or automatic gunfire.

This level of drumming isn’t something you just wake up knowing how to do. Like any other skill, there are nuanced methods and techniques to master, ranging from grip and posture to height and timing, and even marching.

This particular bunch of die-hard drummers executes a polished performance like it’s their big day. But what you see here is really just the rehearsal.

I wouldn’t know what to do if I were in that mix and a mosquito bit me, or I got distracted by a math problem. This level of focus and finesse is utterly beyond me.

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