High school drill team earns 1.5M views with ‘human kaleidoscope’

This high school drill team was perfectly synchronized as they pulled off this pep rally performance, leaving over 1 million viewers with their jaws on the floor.

When the drill team at Mercer Island High School pranced onto the gym floor at this particular pep rally, they can’t have known that their performance would earn them over 1 million views. After watching their performance, however, it’s clear why.

The drill team at MIHS is known for its high standards. They are always in-line, perfectly synchronized, and win competitions wherever they go. This performance at a Homecoming pep rally is no exception to their excellence.

When the music starts (an eclectic mix of Kanye West, The Veronicas, and Pitbull), they move perfectly together, executing crisp moves that leave their peers speechless. How could you not be impressed by this amazingly athletic display?

When they line up along the gym’s centerline, the routine gets real. They begin to form a ‘human kaleidoscope’, where there is a slight delay between their movements. The effect is a ‘ripple’ down the line of girls, and it’s an amazing thing to watch.

And it’s even harder to pull off! Full props to these girls for their amazing dedication to getting it right and their flawless performance. We can’t get over how incredibly in sync they are throughout their performance – that takes skills!

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High school drill team earns 1.5M views with ‘human kaleidoscope’