He Set up A Camera to Record His Dance, But Never Expect 50 Million People to Love Him For It

JustSomeMotion returned to Youtube after a bit of a break and hit the ground running with a dance session that went viral in 2012. All these years later it’s still as epic as ever.

The Youtube sensation JustSomeMotion is back with another amazing dance video. This time he’s returning from a hiatus of sorts to brighten your day with his “neoswing” dance moves all the way back in 2012. He coined the phrase “neoswing” after creating a dance genre of his own.

As Sven explains in the description of this video: “Over the years I learned many different styles to combine them to my own. After a long time without you guys, I’m glad to say that I’m coming back. I really appreciate all the people out there who supported me and my channel throughout the years. Get ready for more.”