He Always Claimed He Had Filmed Marilyn Monroe. 63 Years Later His Granddaughter Finds The Proof

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic symbols of the movie industry’s golden era. Her story also made a very good American dream story. She had a very rough childhood. She had several foster parents. This caused her to suffer from depression and other mental conditions.

Marilyn had it tough at the beginning. She tried her hand at different modeling gigs which paid very little. At least it was enough to put some food on her table. She is very famous for her Playboy pictures when she was 22 years old. These pictures became iconic. What very few people know is that she was paid very little for them. She only got $50. While Hugh Heffner made millions of dollars from them in the very first issue of the magazine in the 1950s, at the time, Marilyn had sold the rights to her pictures and could only watch.

She didn’t want her pictures published on such a massive scale as she was sure they would damage her career. Contrary to today, censorship was much more damaging to a person’s career. Most of the nudity was very much taboo. Although there were some people who were interested, it was deemed as something negative. The pictures were published and what that they did was catapult her image as a sex symbol. Everyone wanted to get their hands on those pictures, and the issue sold like crazy. It is still regarded as a very coveted collector’s item to this day.

Marilyn was doing better than ever. She seemed to have it all. One thing she always wanted but never had was to get pregnant. She had several miscarriages and an equal number of breakups as a result. One of the most iconic Marilyn shots was the one she did for the movie “Seven-Year Itch.” One of the scenes had her talking to a man and standing over NYC subway vents on Lexington Ave & 52nd St.

This famous scene is what many people say caused the breakup between her and her former husband, Joe Dimaggio. It was said that Joe was standing there in the set and when he saw what they were filming, he stormed out of there. It is also alleged that he physically assaulted Marilyn back in their hotel, and this prompted Marilyn to file for divorce. She cited mental cruelty as the grounds.

This footage became very valuable to Marilyn’s death. While it was being filmed, one man grabbed his personal camera and filmed it as well. He always told his family that he had managed to film Marilyn, but no one believed him. His daughter is cleaning some stuff when she finds a recording. When she plays it, she is stunned by what she sees.

He Always Claimed He Had Filmed Marilyn Monroe. 63 Years Later His Granddaughter Finds The Proof