Harry Belafonte’s moving 1956 performance of ‘Take My Mother Home’

Harry Belafonte made a name for himself in the music industry with his hard work. He was known for his beautiful music and social activism. A recently shared video clip of one of his performances on The Ed Sullivan Show has gained popularity as it shows the genius at work.

The captivating tune of the song “Take My Mother Home” transports the viewers to another world altogether. Born in Manhattan to Jamaican parents, Belafonte had a Caribbean background that influenced his music. He was passionate about entertaining people and pursued music after his military service.

Belafonte was known both as a fantastic actor and singer. He always wanted to pursue acting as his career and joined acting classes to learn about it. However, he touched millions of hearts with his beautiful music.

Belafonte’s music style blended Calypso, folk, and pop, and he managed to appeal to all audiences. However, he always remembered his Caribbean heritage. Not just showbiz, he also wanted to make a difference in the community with his social activities.

His hit song “Take My Mother Home” was initially written by composer and arranger Hall Johnson. It was based on a small piece of a spiritual folk song found in a collection by William Augustus Logan.

The lyrics are based on a biblical narrative from John: 19: 26-27 and were initially written for a solo baritone and a cappella chorus. Belafonte recorded the song for his chart-topping 1956 album “Belafonte,” and it has since been performed by many choirs and artists.

It’s a beautiful piece of art that will leave you feeling nostalgic and warm. If you haven’t watched his performance of “Take My Mother Home” on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” we highly recommend it. Share it with your friends because it needs to be experienced by everyone.

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Harry Belafonte\'s moving 1956 performance of \'Take My Mother Home\'