Harmonica Wielding Brothers Will Blow You Away With ‘Party Rock Anthem’

‘The Brother’s Gage,’ make playing the harmonica hip and fresh. According to ‘AGT’ judge, Sofia, the brothers are “sexy.” Not a term usually associated with the harmonica, but they do look like they could be teen heartthrobs for sure!

The harmonica playing pair chose to perform ‘Party Rock Anthem’ by LMFAO. The virtual audition featured the desert as their stage, with their pickup in the background. It looked terrific like it was straight out of a music video!

They do a phenomenal job on the song, but it does seem like a long time to play the harmonica, so they incorporate some fun dance moves. They even sing the iconic ‘every day I’m shufflin’ line.

The brothers mention how singing is something that they both love to do. Simon doesn’t seem convinced as he tells them that they “didn’t look that confident, bearing in mind that it lasted half a second.” You will have to be the judge yourself and see what you thought of their performance.