Hank Williams would have loved Willie Nelson and his sons play ‘Move It On Over’

Willie Nelson and his sons are having quite a lot of fun. Especially when they’re playing together and singing an old Hank Williams tune from ages past.

Willie Nelson has cemented himself as a country music legend and is still going strong today. He’s also put together a series of songs fittingly known as “Willie’s Stash”.

About a dozen songs are cover songs, but there is one that really stands out as an instant classic. Willie Nelson and his sons Lukas and Micah play Hank Williams ‘Move It On Over’. The sound is unplugged and will bring you back to the days of old school country.

This father-son trio has paid homage to a country legend in the best way they know-how. And that’s coming together and playing what might be the best country music you’ve heard yet.

If you’re a fan of Willie Nelson and haven’t checked out ‘Willie’s Stash’ yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Plus, it’s good to see Willie’s sons follow in the footsteps of a true country legend.

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