Street Performer Plays Soul-Stirring ‘Hallelujah’ Using Crystal Glasses

Musicians can be so creative. This street performer has set up a series of crystal wine glasses to create a musical instrument called a glass harp.

How does it work? When you rub the top rim of each glass, the friction creates a vibration. This vibration is the source of the sound or in this case, music.

In the video, the musician keeps dipping his fingers into the water to lubricate them so that he can continue making the vibrations that cause the musical notes.

Glasses with more water have a lower tone because the water slows down the vibration. And conversely, glasses with less water have a higher sound.

But what is particularly admirable is that this musician has perfected a very complicated song, “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.

Apparently, glass harps have a very long history, though they may be a novelty to you. Beethoven and Mozart have composed pieces just for this instrument.

I think that you will agree that the glass harp has a sound that is hauntingly pleasing.

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Street Performer Plays Soul-Stirring \'Hallelujah\' Using Crystal Glasses